Forget Rhonda Byrn’s “The Secret”, this is the real secret to true Abundance(Receive Abundance)

One of the most phenomenal books to come out in the recent times has been The Secret by Rhonda Bryne. It told us the truth we all needed to hear – we create our own realities. Through thoughts and actions, intentions and energy, are capable of shifting dynamics, materialising possibilities and inventing happiness. What if we told you, that we have captured this secret in a bottle for you to use?

That is correct. Our Receive Abundance oil is designed to change and harmonize the gross and subtle energies in your life so that there is success, wealth, joy and bliss in your space. We have scarcity in our lives when we operate from a space of lack, of need. When we operate from a space of gratitude, the universe blesses us with abundance. 

Abundance is wealth where we don’t have to worry about money anymore. It is success that inspires awe in others. It is a family in harmony, a life of happiness. 

Coming in two forms, for diffuser and as a cupping oil, Invite Abundance works wonders when used. It will help you with stuck work, stuck money and the different obstacles that show up in your way. It also works as a miracle for problematic familial relationships and negative atmosphere of a home. Just sniffing or cupping it will lift up your mood, dispelling clouds of melancholy and making you cheerful. 

Invite Abundance is a must have for a joyful and prosperous home and workspace. Use it and see for yourself how different avenues open up and the universe rushes to make your life better. 

It is the Secret that we want you to have in your pocket.