Privacy Policy

Accuracy, completeness and timeliness 

  1. The information provided about the product on this website is for information of the product only and is not a medical advice.
  2. The information provided about the product is for reference purpose only and is subject to alter at any point without notice 
  3. The completeness and accuracy of such information as provided in the website is not guaranteed though all major precautions are taken. 
  4. Please refer to professional resources if additional information is desired.
  5. It is highly recommended that the usage of the product be immediately discontinued if any adverse reaction is noticed.
  6. Immediately medical help may be sought in such cases.

Products And It’s Prices

  1. Prices mentioned of all products are subject to change at any time without information. However the difference of price at the time of booking and delivery will be wavered off in case of price escalation.
  2. The same condition applies to the discontinuation of any of our products 
  3. The actual product you receive may differ from the picture displayed on the website with respect to only packaging/size/weight.
  4. The information provided on the product, it’s packaging and/or this site is subject to change related to the product description, it’s benefits, it’s shipping and availability.

Property rights 

  1. The name , it’s styling , it’s logo on this site and it’s products are registered trademarks and are sole properties of Soulz voice.
  2. The intellectual property rights of the owner whether mentioned or otherwise are the property of their original owners .
  3. The name and logo may not be downloaded or used for any commercial purpose. 
  4. Unlawful or unapproved utilization of the company’s name and its logo, the name of its products is strictly prohibited, if found using unauthorized/ misusing it is open to company taking action and filing lawsuit.