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Babies cough. But there is a reason behind why they do so. When babies and kids need and demand attention , they cough. It is a vocal cry for the adults in their lives to give them time, warmth and most importantly attention. We especially see this play out in families where the adults don’t have enough time to spend with their kids. It is also highlighted when a child feels unsafe. Our special blend soothes a child, both physically and emotionally so that they live a healthy, happy and hearty life.

Little Cough


Soulz Voice’s Little Cough Essential Oil has a woody, spicy, a little bit camphoric, a sweet, apple-like fragrance, light fresh aroma.
Essential oils are said to help support immunity and ease symptoms. Of course, if child is sick for several days or extremely ill, always have them checked out by your pediatrician. But if there is no fever just a terrible cough and a stuffy nose, this essential oil blend is said to help keep the coughing under control while the child recovers. Natural cough remedies like these are powerful tools to use when your child has a bad cough and needs to be able to get some rest.

Ingredients: Frankincense, German Chamomile, Tea Tree, Lavender and Holy Basil.

How to use:

Soulz Voice’s Little Cough Essential Oil is prepared for topical use. Take five to seven drops in the palm of your hand and gently rub the palms on the upper back and the chest of the child. It can be used twice a day if required.


It should not be used on deep wounds or near the eyes, ears, nose or internally. Discontinue use if there is any allergic reaction. Though a very safe oil it would still be a good idea to place a small patch of cotton with the oil on the skin to check if the child has sensitivity to the blend.

Disclaimer: Products and methods recommended are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



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